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Concensus is a location-based app that allows fans of music to request their favorite artists to come to perform in cities near them. The target audience is any male or female music fan between the ages of approximately 18-35. Concensus benefits both the fan and the artist by connecting them like never before. The goal for Concensus is to create an eye-catching phone application identity and user-friendly interface.
The app name Concensus is a combination of the words concert and census. The solution includes a brand new logo design that is a combination of two location icons bridged by a musical note. The location icons symbolize the fan and artist connecting. The app has both a fan and an artist interface. The fan interface allows the user to request an artist to perform in a specific city and venue. The artist interface allows the user to track statistics in order to plan a successful concert tour.
Launch Screen
Add Artists to Request
After Concensus adds your location and scans your music library, tap the magnifying glass to search for additional artists. The user can search the Concensus database to add artists that were not in their music library. After finding the artist the user was looking for, tap the plus sign to add the artist.

Request Artists
The user will see the artist that they added in the "My Artists" home screen. The fan can click on any artist to view the artist’s profile. The profile gives the user some basic information about the artist and some ways to listen to their music. It also allows the user to request the artist to come to a specific venue. The user can request an artist multiple times at different locations. The request will contribute to the statistics that the artist can view to see where users want them to perform.
Artist interface coming soon :) 

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