Logo & Packaging Design
Salivation Snackfoods is a startup based in Southern California. They specialize in the production of keto-friendly desserts, specifically brownies. The brownies are unique because they are sweetened with a unique combination of low glycemic allulose, erythritol, and monk fruit so you can enjoy them while pursuing a keto, gluten-free, or paleo lifestyle. The goal was to create a tattoo-inspired angel wing logo that played off of the idea that these desserts are far from devilish.
The solution includes a brand new logo for the company. The angel wings are enveloped by a flowing ribbon that clearly displays the brand name. It is inspired by the American traditional tattoo style. The clients wanted the logo to have a rebellious feel because they felt their product was defying the idea that sweet treats are always poor for your health. The logo will be applied to the packaging design.     
Packaging Design
The packaging design is simple but effective. The logo is the main event to grab the consumer's attention. It displays the flavor of the brownie at the top of the label. It contains all the details that highlight the health-conscious qualities of the tasty dessert at the bottom.  
Website Mockup
This is an example of the product home page of the website. It contains the logo at the top for brand recognition. The logo is a hyperlink to take the user back to the home page. The product page contains the packaging design to allow the consumers to familiarize themselves with the product. 

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