Branding & Packaging
Quokka CBD is a fictional startup company that produces pure liquid cannabidiol (CBD) products that can be ingested orally or vaped to provide physical and mental health benefits. The target audience is any male or female over the age of eighteen that suffers from physical or mental health issues such as pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and addiction. The target audience will live all over the United States because CBD does not contain any illegal substances.
The solution includes a company name and logo that embodies the benefits of CBD. A quokka is a marsupial that is biologically inclined to smile. The use of this cheerful marsupial for the logo helps represent the benefits of the product. The color scheme is inspired by the environment. The logo is applied to a label for the bottle of CBD liquid. Lastly, the logo is applied to a protective box for the bottle of liquid so it can be sold on the shelves. 
Bottle Label
CBD tincture comes in three different milligram strengths that are represented by color. In order from weakest to strongest potency, they range from 500 mg (green) to 750 mg (red) and 1000 mg (blue). The consumer will choose their milligram level after consulting with a physician.
Packaging Dielines
The box provides consumers with all of the information they need to educate themselves about the product in the store. The packaging is sustainable because it is printed on recycled paper products.
Product Mock-ups
The box fits the bottle of liquid snuggly so the product stays safe during transport. The box is shown to the left of each bottle of liquid.
Product Mock-ups
Both the bottle label and the box contain all the necessary information about the product for the consumer.

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