Logo, Cover Art & Promotional Media
Nonchalant is a Melodic Techno DJ/Producer duo. They draw influence from the genres of techno, progressive house, deep house, and trance. The target audience is any person in the approximate age range of 16-40 that enjoys electronic dance music and looks for new innovative sounds. They most likely use a streaming platform like Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. The goal is to create a legitimate visual identity for nonchalant to allow their music and mixes to receive more attention.
The solution includes a brand-new logo design for the duo's identity. It also includes the cover art for the duo’s official mix series "The House Rennaisance Mix Series", which will be available on Soundcloud. These two components contribute to the design of the duo’s online identity. 


Mix Series Cover
Soundcloud Artist Page
This format is an immersive experience that allows more of the artist’s visual identity to be displayed. It is a socially based streaming platform that gives the artist the opportunity to connect with users on a more personal level. It also allows their music to circulate by being reposted by users and other artists.

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