Branding, Label, & Merchandise
Willy's Vodka is a startup company that produces high-quality vodka out of Passage Key, FL. The vodka is produced with non-GMO corn and distilled 6 times to ensure an exceptionally smooth finish. The target audience is any male or female over the age of 21 that enjoys high-quality alcoholic beverages. They will most likely be health conscious and care about the quality of alcohol that they consume.
The solution includes a brand new logo and bottle design that captures the essence of Passage Key, FL. Both the logo and the bottle art will be applied to merchandise for customers to purchase to show their love and devotion to the brand.     
Bottle Design
The bottle design includes the logo, tagline, bottle art, and all the necessary details about the vodka and brand. The bottle art will wrap around the bottle to catch the eyes of consumers. There is a small description on the back label that informs the customers of the story of Willy's Vodka and the product they are consuming. 
Bottle Art
The bottle art captures the feeling of Passage Key, FL by transporting the consumer to a serene sunset moment that they would experience on the scenic island off the coast of Florida. 
T-shirt Design
The t-shirt design incorporates the logo and bottle design. It is a high-quality t-shirt that is available on the website for purchase by dedicated consumers who wish to support the brand.

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