Logo Design, Lobby Design, & Promotional Package
Collegetown Detailing is a car detailing company out of Lexington, KY near the University of Kentucky. The target audience is people between the ages of 18-35 who like to keep their automobiles in good condition. They will most likely have ties to the University of Kentucky and want to support local businesses. The goal is to create a trustworthy logo that will grab the consumer's attention and communicate the brand's values.
The solution includes a brand new logo design that will integrate nicely into the University of Kentucky college town scene. The colors are inspired by the University of Kentucky's branding. The logo is applied to the design of the lobby, a high-quality t-shirt to be worn by employees, and can koozie for customers to keep their drinks cold while they wait.
Store Lobby
The logo is applied to the front desk and backdrop in the lobby to enable brand recognition. Customers will be greeted by the appointment consultant to arrange their detailing appointment in this area.
T-Shirt Mockup
The logo is applied to a high-quality t-shirt to be worn by employees to encourage brand recognition while on the job. It will also allow the customers to easily identify workers that they can ask for assistance.
Can Koozie
The logo is applied to a complimentary can koozie. The koozie will be offered to satisfied customers who would like to keep their drinks cold while they wait for their service to be completed. They will have the option to take it home with them. 

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