Branding, Business Card & Menu
Starfizz is a local startup company out of St. Augustine, FL that specializes in the sale of exotic sodas and snack foods. They sell premier snacks and sodas that are not readily available at normal convenience stores. The company will sell its products on Instagram, as well as wholesale to local shops that are interested in reselling their products. The goal was to create a catchy brand name and an eye-catching logo that is relevant to the brand's products. 
The solution includes a new name and logo design to kick off the debut of the brand. The logo will be applied to a high-quality business card and a small menu that lists their products. This will be given to potential customers who would like to purchase, and potential vendors that want to carry the brand's exotic sodas and snacks.    
Business Card
The logo is applied to a high-quality business card to be given out to customers and wholesale vendors to enable brand promotion and recognition. The bubbly pattern is raised with a spot varnish to create a fun texture to help the business card stand out from other low-quality business cards.  
The menu stays consistent with the branding of the business card. It is small to allow people to carry it home in their pocket or purse. It includes the Starfizz Instagram handle, the products they offer, and all of the necessary contact information. 

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